Walter Sabatini peremptory on Fabio Liverani

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The words of Walter Sabatini

Walter Sabatini, Salernitana’s general manager, gave a long interview to RadioTv Serie A with RDS, in which he renewed confidence in Fabio Liverani: "His is not è a bench in the balance, è a bench well established. Liverani we took him for some characteristics that he is already showing and they are seen in training as well as on the field".

"The"last home match, the one with Monza, è was painfully lost, but on the field of play we è saw that there’è a coach who brought positive messages to the players – he added – We are absolutely satisfied. Of course he needs luck becauseé in soccer you need to win games, but it will happen. I know".

So he did mea culpa on the January market: "I made mistakes from the point of view of timing becauseé I worked on transactions that I thought would be closed quickly and instead were diluted in time and in the end I left the team unequipped with players becauseé in the meantime I placed some of our young defenders who had to change air without making time to bring in replacements, so from a professional point of view è it was a deficiency that more than anyone else, disadvantaged the’coach and the team in general".

The dg of the granata then asked for respect for President Iervolino: "È almost unpopular to talk about Iervolino in Salerno, but è perhaps the’last of the Italian entrepreneurs to put money and line his pockets, becauseé now only chickens put money in. Iervolino does it with knowledge, intelligence and dedication. I am sorry he is being insulted because heé è a very intelligent man who took money away from his family to invest in this project. He deserves the respect the fans owe him, he does not need a lightning rod, he stands up for himself".

“We do not need to talk. I have told the president that Salernitana will be my last team; I will be with the president no matter what, in any scenario that arises. In the mess I am up to my neck, but I enjoy it anyway becauseé I love Salerno and so I repeat that this will beà my last club" concluded Sabatini.

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