Juventus, three names for post Allegri

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The future of Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri is at a crucial moment, with the goal of securing qualification for the next Champions League and the opportunity to lift the Coppa Italia trophy. Although the focus is on the team, the race for the next Juventus coach è already started some time ago. It remains to be seen whether Allegri will remain or whether a change of course will be opted for. The Juventus management seems to have clear ideas, with three names in the running according to Giuntoli’s assessments.

Tuttosport, anticipating the challenge against Gasperini's Atalanta, identifies a link between the three names and the Bergamo coach. The favorite seems to be Thiago Motta, whose soccer è was influenced by Gasperini during their joint experience at Genoa. However, Motta è also coveted by other teams such as Milan and Napoli.

The second name on the list è Raffaele Palladino, currently engaged with Monza and also trained by Gasperini. Recently, rumors have strengthened linking him to Lazio in case of a separation from Sarri. Finally, there'è Igor Tudor, who worked indirectly with Gasperini through Ivan Juric's influence. Without a team after his experience at Marseille, Tudor è was previously associated with Juventus and could be an interesting option.

The Juventus coach's future remains uncertain, but the management appears ready to make decisive moves if there is a change. The match against Atalanta will be crucial in determining Allegri’s fate and laying the groundwork for the team’s future.

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