Treviso tops Pesaro: Frank Vitucci satisfied but aware

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Frank Vitucci’s words after the success against VL Pesaro

In the game that opened the 25th round of the A Series of basketball, Nutribullet Treviso è won a very important salvation clash by narrowly overcoming VL Pesaro with a score of 93-89. In the postgame, Veneto head coach Frank Vitucci, in addition to stressing the cruciality of this success, did not want to lower the tension ahead of the season finale.

"This game was a kind of set-point, the match-point è still far away. We know that it è is not over. But in this final sprint after the break, for the moment we can be satisfied with what we are doing. In my opinion this è a team that can è still improve, I am absolutely convinced and we will continue to work for that" began the head coach of the Venetian team.

"Definitely it was a crucial match, everyone knew it, even the fans present at the PalaVerde. It was a match full of intensity, very tough and difficult to interpret. In the first half we made a little mistake in letting them play at their pace and they took advantage by shooting with other percentages. In the second half we were able to adjust some things defensively and actually some improvement there'è was there. We knew it was going to be tough, we lost a few too many balls but we also forced a lot of them. I am very happy with this result" continued the'former Happy Casa Brindisi coach.

"The audience è was once again aware of the importance of the game and their support. They had great patience, I thank them. They were rightly impatient, now their support has è been an extreme comfort to us. The team feels it. It è created that right empathy whereby sometimes you tolerate a mistake but support immediately as soon as there'è the chanceà" concluded Frank Vitucci.

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