Ettore Messina enjoys the tie with Trent

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The words of Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina spoke after tying the score in the series with Trento: “We attacked the game from the defensive point of view, more decisively in the first quarter and from there things got better. We were moreù balanced in attack, going moreù close to the basket, and the number of shots from 2 and 3 confirmed".

"Despite this they have level guards and, the moment you get distracted, they run and have percentages. We need to improve in these aspects of the game. Did the senators lead the team? È what they have to do”.

“In these two games we have seen that if we move it quickly, but without being in a hurry, and if we look more for mismatches inside the area, we have a different balance. I would worry if we shoot. Today we had a pace that was appropriate for the game. Thinking about going lì and playing more slowly may not be to our advantage”.

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