Ducati Passion and Marc Marquez: Claudio Domenicali Speaks

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Claudio Domenicali full-circle

Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Corse, è was the protagonist of an interesting speech at the Sky Inclusion Days. On the sidelines of the event he spoke to the microphones of Sportal.it.

"C’è a lot of passion, the results we have achieved, not only at the sports level but also at the company level have made Ducati a ‘champion’ at the national level" he pointed out.

"Marc Marquez è a champion, he has won so much – he added -: six World Championships in MotoGp are not put in the showcase by chance. By coming to Ducati he has decided to put himself on the line totally and I think he is bringing reasons of great interest to this championship and therefore è even more è beautiful. Marc is loved becauseé he è put himself on the line completely".

"The Spaniard è an extremely determined sportsman, in some ways a bit’ controversial: behind him is a complex past, but he has a lot of determination, an aspect that makes him appreciated by many" continued Domenicali.

"It’ nice to manage soì many champions, becauseé we are very passionate. It’s a nice job, very involved. There’è also a‘behind-the-scenes’ sometimes a bit’ complicated, but managing it is part of our job. It’s an’Italy, that of sports competitions, exciting and performing" concluded, satisfied, the Ducati executive.

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