Federico Giampaolo applauds Bari: “Perfect match.”

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After the feat, congratulations to the protagonists.

Bari is saved, and Federico Giampaolo skins his hands to congratulate his players. The “biancorossi” managed to secure their stay in Serie B by thrashing a round 3-0 victory over Ternana, which, in its stadium, would have won salvation even with only a draw. In short, an evening that started with bad assumptions for the Abruzzo coach, and ended instead in glory.

"We played the perfect game,” Giampaolo said at the end of the challenge in Terni. “We managed to always run forward and pressed Ternana without ever losing control of the match. If you can put this kind of organization on the field, sooner or later something happens. And in fact Bari built 5-6 goal chances, they practically nothing".

" We were good at studying it in the right way, and the team brought to the field what we had prepared – continued Giampaolo -. After all, if you have only one result at your disposal, by necessity you have to play a game to death. We did that, and the result rewarded Bari".

Now room for the future, with Giampaolo already seeming to put his experience on the bench of Bari's first team behind him, talking about it in the past tense. "&It was beautiful, the companyà called us from the youth sector and we experienced an intense month. Sharing the joys and tensions of this period with the staff è it was nice", he said.

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