Naples, Giovanni Di Lorenzo ready to pack his bags

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Just a year ago he was celebrating with the whole city the Scudetto


This time a year ago, Di Lorenzo became the Champion of Italy as captain of Napoli. A unique, special, fabulous moment. Unfortunately, the celebration è lasted too short. In 12 months, Di Lorenzo’s world è was turned upside down, to the point that the Azzurri defender reportedly asked the newly appointed ds Manna to be sold.

If this is the case, it would be sensational. Having arrived in Naples in 2019, Di Lorenzo è the soul of the blue club. The fact that he wants to leave speaks volumes about how this season has been. Bad results, lots of booing, lots of criticism. Di Lorenzo seems to have had enough and thinks the time has come to end his adventure in Naples and get involved elsewhere.

At 30, è still able to make a difference. In the recent past, there had been talk of interest from Inter. Clearly, a player of Di Lorenzo's experience and quality would suit any club. It is no coincidence that Spalletti has summoned him without a second thought for Euro 2024, certain that he always does his on the field and with great professionalism;

It should be mentioned that Di Lorenzo has a guaranteed contract with Napoli until June 2028. Owner De Laurentiis è busy on other fronts (the search for a new coach) but he is unlikely to let go one of his pupils.

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