Giorgio Chiellini blesses Antonio Conte at Napoli

©Getty Images

The words of Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio Chiellini, on the sidelines of Collect IT, the first card show event in Italy, in Milan, spoke in a panel discussion with several journalists. Among the topics discussed was the increasingly likely return to the Serie A bench of Antonio Conte, who is one step away from Napoli.

"How would I see Conte in Naples? Well, he è rested and needed it after some personal things that affected him. From the outside sometimes you don&#39t think about it and you are evaluated only for what you have to do but in life there'è also so much more than football".

"We haven&#39t seen each other of people anymore but I felt him charged and also Naples è a charged square that gives you so much. I can see him well on the Azzurri bench", added the former Juventus defender of whom Pedro Demetriou – Senior Designer Topps – has made an exclusive card inspired by the Vitruvian man available in two numbered and limited versions, destined to become real collector pieces with a considerable value.

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