Nasser Al Khelaifi extends his hand to Juventus

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Juventus in the ECA

Juventus will re-enter the ECA. This was announced by President Nasser Al Khelaifi, who is ready to make peace with the Bianconeri for good after the Superleague case: "We welcomed Juventus with flowers, è a great club with a great history. We are proud to have you back with us".

"We want you to be with us,” continued the Paris Saint-Germain number one on the sidelines of the Eca meeting in London, on the day of the Champions League final. “It makes no sense to stay on the sidelines".

Only Real Madrid and Barcelona remain out (for now): "They have a great history in this competition, they always want to win it but then they would like to destroy it. It makes no sense, they should protect it. I would be happy to talk to them about the importance of being united, analyzing the new format and discussing. It would be important for everyone. I think the Catalans need more than anyone to be with us given the situation. If I were their president I would come back tomorrow, it would benefit them".

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