Jannik Sinner number one, Nicola Pietrangeli has one regret.

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The words of Nicola Pietrangeli

Italian tennis legend Nicola Pietrangeli also celebrated the new king of world tennis Jannik Sinner, who became number one in the ATP rankings thanks to Novak Djokovic’s withdrawal from Roland Garros. "It’s time, too bad he didn’t do it by playing against Djokovic and beating him, it would have been more beautiful still,” he admitted, in the words reported by SportMediaset. But that’s okay'.

"It's good news. Already for some time Sinner was giving you the impression of being number one, Djokovic I saw him miraculously in two matches in a row – added the Italian tennis icon -. A player like him coming in five sets twice. You could see he was tired".

"How long will he stay number one? He is on the right track, a very good track. It all depends on his physical state, because the hip doesn't give the impression of making him suffer too much, but it's a nasty beast".

"To what do I compare this result? É a little bit like winning the Olympic title though'now he has to be careful. Now he becomes the man to beat. Before it was known. Now he's like in those movies where he's the wanted man, he's become the player to beat and it won't be easy to overcome him" concluded Pietrangeli.

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