Ferrari flop, Leclerc lapped by Verstappen: ‘Not a good sign’

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Ferrari flop, Leclerc lapped by Verstappen: "Not è a good sign"

The Canadian Grand Prix è turned into a nightmare for Ferrari, which è went from hoping to compete with Red Bull for the title to a tragic weekend of zero points and two very heavy retirements. Charles Leclerc, penalized by the engine problem, è was even lapped by Max Verstappen: after the retirement the face of the Monegasque è the mask of disappointment.

"The fact that we change engines often is not è a good sign. Having said that we have to analyze what happened. I don’t know what the problem was today honestly. I was losing a second and a half a lap and in the straights I was not going", are the words to Sky.

"In addition to the gap I was conceding on each lap, I had a thousand things to do and tweak on the steering wheel to try to solve the problem. At the’beginning of the GP I was on the pace of those around me, with the dry track instead è everything changed and I was losing so much. I knew my race was over there".

Leclerc didn’t want to correlate Saturday’s problems with Sunday’s troubles: "Today the problem was the engine and that’s it because, otherwise, we weren’t in bad shape. Yesterday, however, I think something else happened that we have to analyze and understand".

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