Max Verstappen: “Crazy race but I had fun.”

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Max Verstappen: "Crazy race but I had fun"

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen commented on his victory in the Canadian GP with satisfaction at the end of a crazy race affected by bad weather: "Crazy race, a lot of things happened. We had to always be on the ball with decisions. Also as a team we were great today. We kept calm and made the right choices".

" We came in at the right times. The safety cars spun us well, but after that we were able to manage the gap well. I had fun, è it was a fun race. There’è needs races like that every once in a while".

On rivals: "McLaren and Mercedes were dangerous at different times, è it was good. Suspension problems? There’s no new problem, we know what it is. We won, but there’è still a lot of room for improvement".

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