Italy wins but doesn’t shine: Frattesi is enough with Bosnia, Donnarumma decisive

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Italy wins but doesn&#39t shine: just Frattesi with Bosnia, Donnarumma decisive

Italy bent 1-0 against Bosnia in the last friendly match before the start of Euro 2024, played at Castellani in Empoli: Spalletti’s team, six days after the debut match against Albania, did not shine but gave more positive signs than the test against Turkey last Tuesday.

Italy managed to unlock the score in the first half at 37'thanks to Frattesi, triggered by Chiesa. Spalletti’s team, deployed with a 3-4-2-1, è seemed more comfortable than in the match against the Turks, and created several chances in the second half with Chiesa, Scamacca and Bellanova. Bosnia, accomplice to a mistake in the start of Calafiori, also came close to scoring at 8'8' with Hajradinovic. Donnarumma è was also alert later, on the occasion of Gazibegovic’s conclusion.

In the second half Italy tried to push on the accelerator, but the Azzurri attacked in a confused manner, without creating any particular danger until 64', when Scamacca on an assist from Buongiorno engaged Piric. The Atalanta striker then came close to doubling again on 72' and 75', to no avail. The national team finished the match in control against a forlorn Bosnia, but failed to round out the result.

Folorunsho made his debut in the final match, in for Frattesi. Italy did not manage to sink the blows anymore, and at the expiration Donnarumma prevented the equalizer with a save on Ahmedhodzic. At the European Championship we will need something more against Albania, Spain and Croatia.

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