Naples, Antonio Conte sets the first stakes

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It promises to be a busy few weeks in the Parthenopean household

Since taking office, Conte is already dictating his own rules. He wants to build a team capable of returning to fight for something important and, to do so, he needs quality players. For that reason, he seems convinced not to let Di Lorenzo and Kvaratskhelia, two very valuable elements of the current squad, get away.

The Napoli captain, through his agent, has made it known that he considers his adventure in the Azzurri to be over. Even in the face of a harsh communique from the club, the agent has not changed his mind, continuing to reiterate his client’s willingness to get back into the game elsewhere.

There'è then the Kvaratskhelia issue. The 23-year-old Georgian talent would be very much liked by PSG, which, after dropping its grip on Leao, seems to have focused all its attentions on the Napoli star. Again, Conte has reportedly made it clear that Kvaratskhelia è to be considered non-transferable.

In short, Conte does not want to lose any of the pawns he considers crucial to his rebuilding project. Now it will have to be very skillful the club, in particular Manna, the sporting director of the Neapolitan club, to resist the offers that will arrive for both. Conte is also likely to be in touch with the two players, assuming he hasn&#39t already done so.

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