National team, Davide Frattesi wants to become like Nicolo Barella

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Inter midfielder è a great asset for Spalletti

Since Spalletti è became national team coach, Frattesi&#39s impact with the Azzurri shirt è has been remarkable. It è was also seen in the last test before Euro 2024 with Bosnia. His was the goal that allowed Italy to walk off the field with victory. Frattesi è a great asset for CT Spalletti.

His growth è continues, also thanks to his closeness with Barella: "There's a lot to learn from Nicolò of whom I am a friend and a neighbor in the locker room: at the beginning he was a forwards, then he è completed himself by working a lot on the construction of the game. I want to do it too", his words to La Repubblica.

The Inter midfielder also has a very good relationship with Scamacca, the striker whom the Italian people are asking for heavy goals at Euro 2024: "In the room I am with Scamacca, whom I have known for a hundred years… è perfect: he falls asleep immediately and rarely snores. Usually we also ended up in the same teams (Lazio, Roma, Sassuolo ed), when I signed with Inter I told him to join me but he chose Atalanta and è happy soì. If he is well he scores in any way".

Loaded and determined. Frattesi knows that the European Championships are a great chance to further showcase himself and, consequently, to have even more space in Inter, the team he chose without thinking: "My agent asked me where I wanted to go and already in May (2023, ed.) I had answered: only Inter. Playing against them I had seen a very strong team with a great coach and a magical public".

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