Jorge Lorenzo speaks out to Marc Marquez

©Getty Images

The words of Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo in his usual speech to Dazn Spain took stock of MotoGp: "I think that if Jorge Martin had won almost every race, he would have been announced in the official team. He's still first in the world championship, but Marc Marquez è is the only one who is close to GP24. And è Marc Marquez".

"As soon as Marc è returned to fighting for wins, the MotoGP audience è increased, also thanks to the’arrival of Pedro Acosta. I’m not saying that the popularity è is at the levels of the good old days of Valentino Rossi, but è it’s true that Marquez è by far the most media" rider.

"Ducati sees that he is 32 years old and has in front of himé between 2 and 4 years of his career and he canò retire as an official team rider. In any case, for Marquez there will be no more excuses and I am not sure that Marc will beat; Bagnaia at every race", concluded the'former world champion.

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