How much do you know about the 1974 World Cup? The questions

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Test yourself with’s quiz on the 1974 World Cup.

1 – Which among these teams participated in a World Cup final for the first time?

A – Australia

B – Bulgaria

C – Chile

D – Sweden

2 – Who interrupted Zoff’s very long streak of games without a goal conceded?”

A – L’Argentine Brindisi

B – The Brazilian Valdomiro

C – The Haitian Sanon

D – The Zairean Kakoko

3 – Which Italian referee directed Poland-Brazil, the final for third place?

A – Aurelio Angonese

B – Paolo Casarin

C – Sergio Gonella

D – Concetto Lo Bello

4 – Who among these Italians was not summoned for the World Cup?

A – Pietro Anastasi

B – Franco Causio

C – Pierino Prati

D – Paolino Pulici

5 – What were the mascots of the tournament called?

A – Hans and Gretel

B – Otto and Vaschen

C – Ric and Gian

D – Tip and Tap

6 – Zaire playò three preparation friendlies in Italy. Who won’t challengeò

A – Cesena

B – Fiorentina

C – Perugia

D – Roma

7 – Who was the technical commissioner of the Italian national team?

A – Enzo Bearzot

B – Fulvio Bernardini

C – Edmondo Fabbri

D – Ferruccio Valcareggi

8 – Who was the penalty taker for the’Netherlands?

A – Johan Cruyff

B – Johan Neeskens

C – Rob Rensenbrink

D – Johnny Rep

9 – Where will the Wall derby between East and West Germany be played?

In – Hamburg

B – Cologne


C – Munich

D – Stuttgart

10 – Who wore Brazil’s number 10 jersey?

A – Jairzinho

B – Pelé

C – Rivelino

D – Zico

11 – Who, like Dusan Bajevic at Zaire, scored a hat trick?

A – Yugoslavian Dzajic at Zaire

B – Sweden’s Edstroem to Uruguay

C – West German Muller to’Australia

D – Poland’s Szarmach to Haiti

12 – In’Uruguay played the father of a footballer long seen in Italy. Who è;

A – Julio Montero, dadà of Paolo

B – Mario Francescoli, papà of Enzo

C – Jorge Olivera, papà of Ruben

D – Hugo Zalayeta, papà of Marcelo

How much do you know about the 1974 World Cup? Answers

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