Ducati, ancient rivalry between Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez adds spice

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The rivalry between Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez è in history

MotoGp, the pinnacle of motorcycle track racing, has seen many intense and memorable rivalries. One of the most recent and exciting è is between Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso: it is no coincidence that the Romagnolo’s recent words about the Spaniard have been widely echoed, putting a bit of a spice on precisely becauseé Dovi è is among the most aware of what the multiple world champion is doing. Words that Valentino Rossi’s most orthodox fans did not like.

The rivalryà between the two began to take shape when Marquez made his MotoGP debut in 2013. Marquez, with his aggressive and spectacular style, quickly became one of the riders to beat. Dovizioso, already a veteran of the category, è known for his consistency and ability to read races strategically.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the rivalry between the two è is the contrast between their riding styles. Marc Marquez è also famous for his reckless driving, characterized by daring overtaking. On the other hand, Andrea Dovizioso è distinguished for his precision and his ability to manage races with great tactical intelligence.

The 2017 season marks one of the most intense moments in the rivalry. Dovizioso and Marquez challenged each other until the last race, with Dovizioso winning six with his Ducati against Marquez’s four. However, the World Championship is won by the Iberian.

One of the most memorable races è the Gp d’Austria, with Dovizioso managing to overtake Marquez at the last corner, demonstrating once again his skill in handling high-pressure situations.


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