Eddie Jordan exaggerates about Max Verstappen

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Eddie Jordan exaggerates on Max Verstappen

During an episode of his podcast "Formula for Success", Irish entrepreneur Eddie Jordan, among other topics covered, èd; bluntly about the recent dominance by Max Verstappen and Red Bull. More in detail, the Dublin native è dwelt on the clear superiority demonstrated by the Dutch driver especially in 2024.

"In 1982 I was lucky enough to find a guy named Da Silva. I gave him his first lap at Silverstone in an F3 car. Then with Dick bennetts, Martin Brundle and Roberto Guerrero we went to Macau in 1983 and that Brazilian guy won the race. Then he changed his name to Senna" began the Irish entrepreneur.

"I have been able to work with both Senna and Michael Schumacher, but I honestly believe with all my heart that if you could have the two of them and Max in the same cars in the same race at any given time, I think Verstappen would have the upper hand. I am convinced that he would have the advantage, becauseè I think he is the strongest and best driver" added Eddie Jordan.

The Dutch driver, despite being only 26 years of age, has already reached 60 GPs won in his career, firmly hoisting himself to third place All-time behind Hamilton (103) and Schumacher (93). In addition, the 1997  class has achieved a monstrous percentage of 30.93% triumphs out of 194 Gp disputed (almost one win every three Grand Prix).

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