VR46: Fabio Di Giannantonio responds in kind to criticism

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VR46: Fabio Di Giannantonio responds in kind to criticism

During an intervention to the microphones of "Speedweek", the Pertamina Enduro VR46 centaur Fabio Di Giannatonio, among the various topics discussed, wanted to respond in tone to the numerous criticisms received in this beginning of the 2024 season, where the former Gresini has collected just 25 points in 7 races.

"It's always difficult for people at home to understand the situation here. They simply watch a show on TV and don&#39t know what goes on behind the scenes. Most people don&#39t know how much work there is behind the preparation of a race. To be honest, I don&#39t take these comments too seriously. Of course, the people who support us are important to me, because they push us as riders and as a team. I like to prove people wrong" began the VR46 team centaur.

"I always try to stay myself. As a MotoGp rider I think I have the power to inspire younger children. The message I want to convey è to always be yourself" added the'former Ducati rider of team Gresini.

"The more ù the championship grows, the more ù it becomes politically correct. This è is good becauseè in the end we represent so many brands. In the past we did not pay so much attention to words, drivers were more free in their statements. I am sure this is why many people liked the sport" concluded Fabio Di Giannantonio.

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