Sassari doesn’t stop: after the signing of Dowe here’s an important renewal

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Important renewal for the Dynamo

Another important confirmation at the Dinamo, it is Croatian specialist Filip Kruslin, a key graft at the team level in the second half of the season.

“Dinamo has announced with great satisfaction that it has renewed the contract of Filip Kruslin, a 196-cm Croatian wing-guard, class of 1989. Krule arrived in the last current season but had already played with Sassari in 2020/2021,” reads the release from the island club.

Kruslin had already been instrumental, despite being eliminated, in the playoff quarterfinals against Venice, where he signed high-level performances. Also in the last championship he raised his game, being decisive in the series with Brescia, both in marking Della Valle and Mitrou – Long and being a factor from the 3-point arc.

Bucchi has put a lot of trust in Kruslin, making him the team’s balancer, capable of putting any forward in trouble and being versatile inside the court, playing both guard and small forward. The Croatian outfielder has repeatedly been the defensive glue, turning up the aggressiveness in the playoffs starting from marking the opposing point guard.

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