Rafael Nadal, the no-nonsense coach on the Grand Slam

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Nadal’s coach in no uncertain terms

Former Atp No. 1 Carlos Moya, currently Rafael Nadal’s coach, interviewed at the microphones of Eurosport Spain, had his say on the possibility of the Majorcan winning the Grand Slam: in fact, the 36-year-old champion has already won the Australian Open, Roland Garros and now has his sights set on Wimbledon.

“Rafa wants to do well always, everywhere, his motivation is above any tournament,” explained the Manacor left-hander’s coach. “It is clear that Wimbledon is a fetish tournament for him, he has won it twice and reached five finals in a row. The last two times he played there he made the semifinals, he adapts perfectly to grass. He knows very well that he can play well, for me he will aim to win.”

Moya then addressed the possibility of Nadal reaching the Grand Slam goal, which eluded Djokovic last year at the hands of Daniil Medvedev: “It is a realistic goal, he is the only one who can reach it this year. It’s the first time he’s been in this position in his career, but we still see it as something still very far away, we’re only halfway there. I mean, at the moment it is not something to lose sleep over. One step at a time, slowly, it’s not something we talk about, it’s not a primary goal, however, we certainly don’t give up.”

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