Nelson Piquet v. Lewis Hamilton: exemplary punishment evoked in England

©Getty Images

An epithet that could result in serious consequences.

Just days before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the Formula 1 world has been deeply shaken by the term with which (moreover, months ago) Nelson Piquet apostrophized Lewis Hamilton. The Brazilian, a three-time world champion in the 1980s, wanted to explain through a statement that the term in question is in common use in his homeland, and has no offensive connotations. This, however, does not seem to have been enough.

Indeed, from England, where Lewis Hamilton was not only born but continues to be beloved, exemplary measures are being evoked against Piquet. The influential ‘BBC,’ which has always been linked to Formula 1 by British fans, has already evoked a possible disbarment from the paddock for the former driver of Brabham, Williams, Lotus and Benetton.

According to the influential British broadcaster, in fact, Piquet could be banned from the circuits not only at the Silverstone weekend, but also in future events. In ‘BBC’ they reported receiving confirmation to this effect from “sources inside Formula 1.” Any official stances from the Circus are now awaited, before returning to talk about the competition on the track, which moreover has Red Bull and Ferrari at the center of attention this year. Although Lewis Hamilton is back overbearingly talked about in the very week of his home GP.

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