NBA: Danilo Gallinari, for now, settles in with the San Antonio Spurs

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Atlanta takes home promising Murray

As reported by ESPN, Gallinari, next year, will not play with the Hawks. Atlanta included him in a trade, a rather complex one, with San Antonio. To get Murray, the Hawks put three first-round draft picks, a 2006 trade possibility and, indeed, Gallinari (inserted for salary reasons) on the plate.

The Spurs, in fact, can cut the Rooster at any time, saving nearly 16 million of the 21 million he would have to guarantee if they were to keep him. Gallinari would also be less than convinced to stay in Texas. At 34, he is aiming for a title team. The San Antonio Spurs are, at the moment, one of the worst teams in the entire league. In short, the former Olimpia seems to be in San Antonio just passing through.

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