Sofia Goggia: “I’m on a mission, jumps in the air necessary”

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Sofia Goggia, awarded the gold medal of the city of Bergamo, explains her philosophy and approach to racing.

Sofia Goggia expressed all her satisfaction after receiving the gold medal of the city of Bergamo at the Teatro Sociale: “A great emotion. It was an honor that is usually given in December, but since the calendar imposes seamless rhythms they decided to anticipate it, I am really grateful.”

The skier from Bergamo explained her approach to competitions, “I am a person who always tries to give everything, even if there are days I can’t do it and so I try to achieve the best I can do. For me and for my skiman, sport is almost like a mission of faith and so what I do is an act of devotion. In this path clearly there is the pain that is necessary to raise the bar sometimes, but also to find the awareness in oneself to become steadfast and take a leap of faith some times,” are the words reported by Bergamonews.

On the medal achieved despite the injury: “I managed to hit this milestone because I had the right people by my side, aware of what they would do. In those weeks I was working practically non-stop from morning to night, with a physiotherapist who came from Austria whom I did not know before. Despite the fact that I could not even stand, we used tricks and notions that were sometimes taken for granted, performing actions that even today I could not explain.”

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