Verona, uniform unveiled and season ticket campaign kicks off

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“The night – A night in yellow-blue colors” was staged in the sports hall.

“The night – A night in yellow-blue colors.” It was the exciting evening organized by Hellas Verona in which the first game jersey and the season ticket campaign for the 2022/23 Serie A season was unveiled. In the sports hall, adjacent to the Bentegodi stadium, the Gialloblù fans watched the players wearing the new game uniform.

The biggest novelty is the cross that dominates the entire front of the jersey, recalling both numerous game jerseys from Hellas’ history and the city banner of the city of Verona since the 13th century: a gold cross on a blue field. On this jersey the cross is depicted by the two mighty mastiffs that already make up the club’s logo.

Meanwhile, preparations are in full swing for the start of the summer training camp scheduled to begin in Primiero di San Martino di Castrozza in Trentino from Sunday, July 3 to Sunday, July 17. The players will train at the Intercommunal Sports Center in Mezzano. There will be many new faces starting with new coach Cioffi, ex Udinese, and ex-Brescia ds Marroccu, intent with president Maurizio Setti present at the evening, in shaping the new Verona after the Juric era and the last, exhilarating year with Tudor on the bench but who preferred not to renew his contract with the Gialloblù.

News of the day, reports the daily L’Arena di Verona, the move of promising striker Cancellieri to Lazio, the no of defender Casale to Monza while negotiations continue for the disposals of Barak and Simeone, the latter redeemed by Hellas Verona, which now owns his card. For the former there is insistent talk of the Premier League, for the latter of La Liga.

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