F1, George Russell is a rage: driver’s outburst

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George Russell is a rage

George Russell is a rage: the Mercedes driver recounted what happened to him during the Canadian Grand Prix. “Someone shouted my name and booed me: I was at the drivers’ parade and it was quite a strange thing to see that this 35 or 40-year-old guy was booing me, by the way I don’t even know him.”

“When your visibility increases, there are a lot of positives but also some negatives,” the words reported by formulapassion.it. “I just try to stay calm and do my best in every race, put on a good show and be polite and kind to everyone. There are things you have to get used to: unfortunately, this is the world and the society in which we currently live.”

“Sportsmen do not deserve to be booed by spectators, this thing must be eliminated. What gives that guy the right to boo anyone? What gives fans in soccer stadiums the right to insult players? They’re just doing their job,” Russell concluded.

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