Inter, Paulo Dybala’s new prospects after Beppe Marotta’s words

©Getty Images

A great market opportunity, not necessarily blown.

Beppe Marotta has spoken plainly about the prospect of Inter offering a contract to the unemployed Paulo Dybala. On the one hand, he reiterated his “affection for Paulo,” and on the other, the substantial coverage that the Beneamata now boasts in the advanced department. However, it is not yet certain that the operation is definitely off.

The current situation, according to what has been gathered by ‘Sky Sport,’ is in fact firm but not definitively closed. In other words, should Dybala have other offers, he is very free to accept them by virtue of the abundance of strikers in the Nerazzurri. There is no commitment between the parties, therefore, but relations remain good.

This means, however, that if Dybala does not find new deals in the meantime, Inter could come knocking on his door again later this summer. This is, however, on the condition that, in addition to Sanchez, one of Dzeko and Correa also changes teams in the meantime.

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