F1, Max Verstappen enjoys: “The Ferraristi struggled with each other.”

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Red Bull driver Verstappen spoke after winning the sprint race in Austria

Max Verstappen commented happily on his victory in the sprint race in Austria: “It’s great to see this crowd and so much orange in the stands. The race was decent, we had a good pace at the beginning, after that we were very close as pace with the Ferraris. Sprints should be like that, quite fun pushing hard from start to finish.”

What made the difference was precisely the first few laps, when the two Ferraristi battling each other allowed the Dutch champion to take a certain margin: “At the beginning they fought each other, that’s why I was able to pull away a bit. The pace, however, was similar. I expect an interesting race and battle tomorrow. The race will be much longer, it will also be complicated for the tires.”

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