Sebastian Vettel in FIA crosshairs: sting and harsh words for him

©Getty Images

A real sting, complete with a very strict statement.

Sebastian Vettel could pay dearly for his behavior on Friday during the drivers’ meeting that took place in the evening after free practice and qualifying for the Sprint Race that set the starting order for the Austrian Grand Prix.

According to the FIA statement, Aston Martin’s German “walked out of the drivers’ meeting that took place on Friday at 7:30 p.m., without having permission to do so and expressing frustration. Drivers are not free to leave whenever they want, and this is a violation of the obligation to participate.”

“Drivers at this level are role models for all drivers around the world, and the commissioners’ view is that Vettel did not live up to these standards in the circumstance,” the FIA added.

Vettel was fined 25,000 euros, but the penalty is currently still suspended. It will remain so for the rest of the season “subject to any violation of Article 20.1 of the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations.” It is not yet clear what the former Ferrari driver complained about, but according to Britain’s ‘The Race’ both he and Alonso complained about the disparity in decision-making between the various race directors.

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