Koulibaly: Luciano Spalletti wants one thing from Napoli fans

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Chelsea has made an initial offer to Napoli

Kalidou Koulibaly is now further away from Napoli. Chelsea has made a strong first move to get to the Senegalese defender, a key player for Luciano Spalletti.

From the Dimaro retreat, the coach spoke about the same central player’s future: “I remain of the same opinion, I always prefer Koulibaly to everyone,” Spalletti said. “If he then chooses to go, we would never finish thanking him for everything he taught us and gave us to make us play in the Champions League this year.

“When he has been on the field we have scored more points,” Spalletti wanted to add. “He is very good and very strong. If he chooses different things we will wish him the best because he deserves it all. And woe to those who will say something to him if he makes different choices.”

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