Ferrari, bad weather? Leclerc and Sainz’s trip together uncovers the truth

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Other than home rivals: here are pictures of their laugh-out-loud trip together.

Rumors that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are divided by an increasingly heated rivalry have been going crazy in recent weeks. On the affair, indirectly, Ferrari intervened, which via social media wanted to testify how much harmony continues to exist between its two drivers.

On Thursday, when then the previous Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix was already well away from the calendar’s point of view, the Cavallino in fact posted on its official Twitter profile a private moment between Leclerc and Sainz, on a road trip during the Spielberg weekend. And in the short clip, the two laugh and joke together.

The skit is consumed when Leclerc decides to sing the (very sad) song ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele played from his cell phone. His attempts to engage his neighbor Sainz are futile. Until the exchange of lines between the two. “You know what’s absolutely true? If you have a bad day and you listen to this song…,” says the Monegasque. “You cry,” the Spaniard promptly replies. They both burst out laughing, and Leclerc continues his reasoning, “Yeah, you don’t feel better, not at all. But come on, I like it. I like the slightly depressed music.” And Sainz continues to sneer to himself.

Talk about a bad climate in Ferrari…

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