Patty Pravo enchants at Circolo Canottieri Roma

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Patty Pravo enchants at Circolo Canottieri Roma

A continuous thrill that surprises, enraptures, conquers song after song. An artist and an icon. A performer and a spirit that has always been revolutionary. Any definition will always and in any case be insufficient to describe Patty Pravo, an artist whose most important lesson is precisely that of not caring about labels and classifications. Nicoletta Strambelli, aka Patty Pravo. Period, is the only information to treasure. The rest is an enchantment that goes up on the stage of Circolo Canottieri Roma (photo Silvia Miglionico), special guest of a beautiful edition of the Festa dell’Estate, the symbolic event of the club at Lungotevere Flaminio 39.

Patty Pravo music, poetry, sensuality, style and elegance, which not only erases the years. She colors them, reinterprets them, destroys them and reconstructs them nevertheless following the thread of memories. “The Doll” is offered in a curious and engaging surf key; “Don’t Go Away” is a modern reinterpretation with an ever-updated arrangement of Jacques Brel’s “Ne me quitte pas”; “Sad Boy,” “Here and There,” and “Paradise” are reprised in a medley that got the three hundred members and guests present poolside out of their chairs. There is more thunderous applause than the other, even from friend Pino Strabioli who is present in the audience and lends his voice for the poetic introduction over black-and-white images of Venice, where the artist was born, and family album photos. Under the stage, and throughout the stay at Canottieri Roma, the meticulous supervision of Simone Folco.

At the end of the performance the thanks of the president of the club, Paolo Vitale, in a friendly repartee with the artist. Vitale who then thanked the organization taken care of by councilors Edmondo Mingione (Events) and Mauro Bisogno (Catering) and spoke of emotions, happiness and pride. Emotions inspired by Patty Pravo, the happiness of being together and getting together again (and, on this occasion, under an enchanting moon embracing the Tiber), the pride of being part of a club that will be 103 years old in two months and that always knows how to renew itself while keeping an eye on tradition. Such as precisely that of the Summer Festival.

A “mission” that they show they also know how to interpret by Adika Pongo, the band that closes the evening on the disco notes of yesterday and today. A mix that, as if by magic, makes the tables and chairs disappear to make everyone dance. And accompany those present along a bright night on the Tiber. Costantino Ladisa, Alessandro Benedetti, Andrea Merli, Alberto Lombardi, Alessio Scialò, Paolo Enrique and the powerful and engaging voice of Francesca Silvy. Their music an extra flavor in an evening entirely dedicated to rediscovering the scents of summer.

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