Ferrari, Charles Leclerc felt persecuted

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Leclerc felt persecuted

Charles Leclerc returned to victory in the Austrian GP, achieved at the end of a masterfully conducted race that repaid him for the disappointments of recent weeks.

“I definitely needed it,” Leclerc explained according to Motorsport Italia. “Every time I arrive at a new race I have a smile on my face and I’m always optimistic, but obviously with one tough race after another, I felt that everything was against me,” he explained. “Finally we had a good race and it’s nice to get a win again.”

“It was the first time we were a little bit faster. It’s not entirely surprising because we worked a lot, although the surprise probably came from Saturday to Sunday, because in the sprint even Red Bull seemed to be very strong,” continued the Ferrarista, who is back in contention for the world championship win.

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