Serie B, Friday’s draw. Over 380 matches on Sky

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Friday’s draw

The 2022/2023 BKT Series will be all live on Sky and streaming on NOW, with 380 season-long matches, as well as playoffs and playouts and “Live Goals” on Saturday at 2 p.m. to live stream all afternoon matches at the same time.

Not just the weekend matches. The story of Serie BKT on Sky lasts all week and travels through the most beautiful squares of Italy, with the “B Side” column hosted by Daniele Barone, broadcast on Sky Sport 24 and on demand, with highlights, interviews, links and special reports that each time will have a focus dedicated to a different team. For Friday’s previews and Monday’s postponements, the live traveling studio from the tournament’s best stadiums, with Marina Presello and Marco Demicheli, who will also be entrusted with the spaces inside the weekend’s “House of Sport.” And for the big matches, commentary by commentators from the Sky Sport team.

And tomorrow, Friday, July 15, from 8:30 p.m. live on Sky Sport Calcio and streaming on NOW, live appointment from Reggio Calabria for the draw of the Calendar of Serie BKT 2022/2023 with the conduction of Marina Presello with Marco Demicheli, the first act of a very long season all to live on Sky.

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