Monza Power Run 2022, curtain up

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Monza Power Run 2022, curtain up

“We help each other to overcome obstacles.” Roberto Brandazzi, the president of the Lele Forever association, summed up in a few words the spirit of the Monza Power Run, which is finally coming back after the painful abandonment of the 2020 and 2021 editions. The race, which will be staged on July 23 and 24 between Villasanta and Monza Park, promises to be spectacular as usual.

“We will replace the ‘wet’ obstacles with others that are nonetheless fascinating and there will be more refreshments,” Lorenzo Galli, who heads the organization of the two-day Brianza event, which has also had to deal with the water emergency, added during the presentation.

“Those who do not wish long life to the Monza Power Run have not understood in the least why it exists,” Villasanta Mayor Luca Ornago remarked. The reference, clearly, is to the fact that the entire amount raised will be used in the fight against leukemia. And that there are hundreds of volunteers who have already said yes to the appeal of Lele Forever, the association that has always given life to the MPR and that over the years of activity has collected and then donated well over a million euros. All the more reason to participate.

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