Paul Pogba already regrets Paulo Dybala

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Paul Pogba’s words

Paul Pogba would have liked to play again with Dybala: “I talked to Paulo a lot, I asked him why he didn’t stay here to play a little more together,” the Frenchman confessed to Dazn. “He told me that he was already gone by then and that I should call him sooner… But we always joke… I want him to be happy, I heard him happy with the choice to go to Roma.”

“Vlahovic impressed me, he is very strong. I call him Du-du, which is easier than Dusan,” Pogba added. “Also Chiesa when I saw him impressed me, he is young and very talented. Di Maria is a very strong player, you know what he wants to do, but you can never catch him when he goes on the left, he touches the ball so many times, he is a phenomenon. Locatelli is great, I call him ‘Super class’ because he plays with class and he has a lot of it outside too, the way he dresses and the way he moves.”

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