Trieste welcomes Bartley, Ghiacci responds to critics

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Frank Bartley IV will wear the red and white tank top

Pallacanestro Trieste announced on Saturday the signing of Frank Bartley IV, a 1994-born American who last season played in Israel, in Ironi Ness Ziona, and who now goes to reinforce the guard department of the Biancorossi.

The announcement was made by the Julian club itself, whose president Mario Ghiacci said, responding to some of the criticisms that have emerged in recent days: “What to most may seem like immobilism I call waiting for the right opportunity, because net of the resources we have at our disposal we are doing everything possible to package a competitive and balanced roster.”

“Bartley’s arrival is emblematic,” the number one of the red and white club added, “a player who has been able to shift the balance in Israel, a challenging league, and who very much resembles the profile of player the coaching staff had in mind to fill the role of guard. We are alert and ready to have our say in this market, as we have always done, under the radar, but bringing home the result. The balance of this work is drawn on the parquet, when the time comes for the first two-ball, in the meantime we continue to work.”

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