Juventus, important news on the Paredes front

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Arthur’s divestment may become the decisive key

Juventus management continues to work hard to try to convince Paris Saint-Germain to sell Leandro Paredes, and the key may come…from Spain.

According to reports from ‘Sky Sport,’ in fact, unlocking the situation could be the rapid evolution in the negotiation that should bring Arthur to Valencia, on loan until the end of next season. This is important news because Arthur’s farewell would free up that space needed for the arrival of Paredes while not immediately giving up Ramsey, for whom the Bianconeri club is struggling to find accommodation.

However, it will be important to wrap things up as quickly as possible. The first few days of Serie A, in fact, will see the incoming and outgoing calciomercato still in the spotlight although the games have already begun: in August, in fact, as many as four rounds will be played, since the calendar has been largely conditioned by the World Cup that will be staged in Qatar. And which, as we all know, will unfortunately not see the Italian national team at the start, having failed to qualify for the review for the second time in a row.

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