Trieste, Marco Legovich takes stock of the market.

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Giulians’ coach says he is optimistic

In a lengthy interview given to the official channels of Pallacanestro Trieste, the new head coach of the Giulians, Marco Legovich, among other things took stock of the situation related to the market ahead of the upcoming season.

“The buying campaign so far sees me quite satisfied,” said Legovich. “Two words that I carry with me from day one are ‘balance’ and ‘consistency’: balance with respect to the availability we have and consistency in pursuing the technical idea of the initial direction we gave ourselves. Clearly, then the market leads you to evaluate bargains that maybe can fit the tactical plan, but these are unforeseeable exceptions.”

“The work of a company that operates discreetly in the market, under the radar, maintaining confidentiality in negotiations, should not be confused with a firm company, on the contrary! – added the head coach of the Giulians – At this stage it is too important to work in this way, being able to intervene in an economic bracket where there are not a flood of opportunities for good players.”

Finally, an appeal to the supporters of the red-and-white club: “I say to the fans to have confidence, because this silence does not mean standing by, but it is a silence made up of work, of continuous search for opportunities. This is how to close a roster in the best way, without flaunting market targets that can then be approached by other teams with dangerous upward games.”

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