Aaron Ramsey leaves: his final farewell to Juventus

©Getty Images

The last goodbye, before the farewell.

Aaron Ramsey has left Juventus after two and a half years in the Bianconeri. He did so via consensual termination of his contract, thus leaving as a zero-parameter player after arriving in Turin in the same fashion. He had been playing for Glasgow Rangers for the past six months after winning the 2020 Scudetto and 2021 Coppa Italia with the Old Lady.

Meanwhile, Ramsey wanted to send a message to the Juventus fans via Instagram. “I want to focus on the positives, and first and foremost I enjoyed my time in Turin. I am very grateful with the Italian fans and people. They are kind, courteous and passionate, so it has been a pleasure to get to know them over these three years. Thank you,” wrote the Welshman.

After a first part of the message in English, Ramsey then added in Italian: “I will never forget this experience we shared together. Good luck friends. Thank you very much.”

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