Brescia-Della Valle, the love story continues

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“I’m not done here yet,” said the MVP of the last regular season.

After the separation between Germani Brescia and Amedeo Della Valle was announced in June, a surprise announcement was made about the return of the 1993-class guard to the Biancoblù club.

“A very hard year awaits us, also from an organizational and logistical point of view: Amedeo is here because he has an immense desire to do and to try to repeat. We have reconfirmed almost the entire team and this is not a given, with entries of players who have more minutes on their hands than exits from the roster. It will be a gamble for everyone,” said Lombard club president Mauro Ferrari at the conference where he announced the return of the former Olimpia Milano among others.

Amedeo Della Valle himself, Mvp of the last Lba regular season, wanted to express all his excitement about returning to Brescia: “First of all, I thank Mauro and Faustino Ferrari. I would like to make it clear and explain how things went: after a season like the one we experienced, I thought I would look around and figure out what my mission could be, leaving Brescia on the open market. The gesture I made toward the company represented the ‘thank you’ for the stepping stone, the visibility and the emotions experienced last year. It was not an obsession with the level, rather to understand what could make me happy, because to play I need this: to be happy and be myself. I am so happy to be there: it is an honor for me to represent Germani and also a great responsibility. This year it will be even more difficult to do it with the double commitment but I feel I have the motivation to do something at a level, with a staff I know and with new players. I, here, am not done yet.”

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