Damon Hill is running to drive Ferrari

©Getty Images

Damon Hill’s words.

It may have reliability problems, but this year’s Ferrari is flying and they would like to drive it even storied “enemies” like Damon Hill.

“If Ferrari called me, I would have no doubts about accepting the offer, although I don’t think it will happen,” indeed joked the 1996 world champion with Williams as a guest of Sky Sports Uk.

“The car is really fast and the potential is huge, there are all the ingredients to succeed,” he added speaking more seriously.

He closed on the drivers, “I have to say that Carlos is impressing me a lot, Charles for sure is fast, but Sainz is also a leader because of his ability at a strategic level to read the races and be a reference point for the race wall in terms of decisions to be made from the point of view of race tactics.”

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