Andrei Radu does not forget the nightmare of Bologna-Inter

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The words of Andrei Radu

Andrei Radu returned to talk to DAZN about Bologna-Inter and his glaring mistake that cost him an important slice of the Scudetto. “Football is like that, it gives you and takes you away. Then, these are episodes that happen, especially to a goalkeeper. I chose to do this, both in bad and good times you have to be on the ball all the time. The days after that episode were the worst days of my life.”

“I experienced it quite heavily because I felt sorry for the work done before and for my teammates who had worked to get the first place and then we didn’t get there. The sorrow was a lot though, as already said, the job of a footballer is not easy so you have to learn from mistakes. For better or for worse. But there is the group, if one makes a mistake, the others help him. There are opinions and opinions, I look at my team, what happened, happened, one should not regret anything. You have to learn from mistakes, I always said that because it can happen.”

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