Zlatan Ibrahimovic, retirement announcement drives the web crazy

©Getty Images

“When do I retire? Never.”

In Sardinia to follow the rehabilitation path after an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, with lateral reinforcement and meniscal repair, carried out just a month ago, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has meanwhile cashed in his contract renewal with AC Milan for one more season. While waiting to be able to take the field for the first few sessions of differentiated work – the return to real matches is scheduled for January – the Swedish champion enjoyed an Instagram feed in which he also talked about the possible date of his retirement.

“When do I retire? Never. When I do soccer then it will be dead.” Later Ibra also called Gianluigi Donnarumma, his former teammate at AC Milan, on his PSG trip back from Japan. “You don’t have to be so rigid though. They don’t look at us followers, mine are believers,” one of the phrases uttered by the Scandinavian striker towards the Italian goalkeeper, who appeared a bit tense during the live broadcast, perhaps fearing that there were also Rossoneri fans involved by Ibra in the social live broadcast. Inevitably, as often happens, the new video of the Rossoneri totem became immediately viral on the web, triggering comments from his countless fans.

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