F1, Michael Masi’s shock outburst after storm with Lewis Hamilton

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Former F1 race director Michael Masi revealed, “So many death threats to me and my family after Abu Dhabi.”

Former Formula 1 race director Michael Masi, a key player in last World Cup’s controversial finale that rewarded Max Verstappen at the expense of Lewis Hamilton, revealed in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that he has received hundreds of threats over what happened after that night in Abu Dhabi.

“I received hundreds of messages on social media just after the end of the race and many more in the months that followed, some of which contained death threats and racism. Fortunately, I don’t have Instagram or Twitter, but I do have Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, and I unluckily opened the message box that night. They were shocking, they were about racism, abuse, vile attacks, they called me every which way. And there were death threats, they said they were coming to get me and my family.”

A situation that was about to undermine her life: “I tried to mentally extricate myself, I didn’t talk to many people so they wouldn’t worry. But one day, walking in London, I started looking over my shoulder, with the thought that I might be attacked by someone. I started not wanting to talk anymore, even with friends. Only with the closest members of my family. I also lost my appetite. I didn’t talk to a professional, although in hindsight I should have.”

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