For Vitantonio Liuzzi, what Ferrari and Charles Leclerc have done is not enough

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For the former F1 driver, what Ferrari has done is not enough

Former Formula 1 driver Vitantonio Liuzzi, interviewed by ‘News.Superscommesse’, had his say on Ferrari’s season and what its drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have done on the track.

“Ferrari definitely needs to review a few things ahead of 2023. As mentioned, in the first phase of the World Championship the Rossa was more competitive than the other teams, but egregious mistakes in strategy and preparation in many GPs made them throw away points and hopes. Despite a Leclerc who proved to be very present and fast at all times, choices at the race wall inevitably affected the season, leaving Red Bull with a supremacy that was not always so clear-cut on the track in terms of performance. To win a title you still have to do a lot: it is not enough to be fast, but you need to be complete in many aspects,” explained the former Force India and Toro Rosso among others.

Then a comment on the reigning world champion, Max Verstappen: “Verstappen deserves to be one step away from winning the World Championship, he has shown this year that he is much more mature than past seasons, that he does not make mistakes and is always very fast and competitive on the track. He has never lacked the hunger for victory and this is characterizing him this season as well.”

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