Cagliari has found its new flag

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Alessandro Deiola spoke as a true Rossoblu fan.

Probably the Sardinian environment has yet to digest the resounding relegation – both for the rocambolic way in which it happened and for the value of the squad – that accrued last year. In the face of the unexpected descent to the cadet division, some bigwigs – Alessio Cragno and Joao Pedro above all – have left the island, as widely announced in the aftermath of the bitter verdict of the field.

The Rossoblu fans, however, who now rely on Fabio Liverani to return to the most prestigious stage, can console themselves with the attachment to the cause of a player who, after much wandering on loan, returned home in January 2021. And he never left again. The native of San Gavino Monreale, a town in southern Sardinia, signed on Monday his contract extension with the island club until 2025.

“It was not easy to overcome a beating like last season,” Alessandro Deiola began on his Instagram profile. “But falling means getting back up, and as a Sardinian who cares about this jersey, I immediately felt the strong responsibility to take back, on the field, with facts what got out of hand.Today I look to the present and the future proud that they are in strong Rossoblu colors,” he concluded.

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