Alexander Zverev reveals his illness to the world

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Alexander Zverev’s words

Alexander Zverev revealed that he has suffered from type 1 diabetes since the age of four.

The German announced this at the same time as establishing a foundation in his own name that will be committed to providing insulin and medication to children affected by the disease, as well as funding projects to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

“When I was a kid I didn’t think about it much, then I started thinking about it more and more. Now, many years later and with success behind me, I feel comfortable enough to go public with this initiative,” explained the world number two. “I am in the privileged situation of leading the life I always wanted to lead. I owe everything to my parents and my brother, who have always supported me unconditionally. It is very important for me to give something back and to help those affected in their journey. I want to show that you can go very far and that there are no limits. I want to be a role model for people who are already sick and for children who can still avoid the disease with the right prevention.”

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