F1, Ferrari pulls straight: “Charles Leclerc should not change”

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Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies: “Few mistakes don’t count, Leclerc does incredible things”

The trust between Charles Leclerc and Ferrari remains strong and mutual despite the latest mistakes on both sides, sports director Laurent Mekies told Formula1.com: “Charles has shown exceptional speed again this year. Charles, as a great driver, does not need us to understand where he needs to go in terms of being close to the limit. He is a master in this and, as we all do, mistakes can happen.”

According to Mekies Leclerc does not have to change his on-track attitude and style: “We don’t look at individual mistakes, we look at how extraordinarily he is able to do amazing things compared to less good things. I think that’s a positive rate.”

On the team’s mood: “The atmosphere in the pit is always at its best, because people like Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Mattia Binotto lead the team in all situations. Both in good and bad times, and I think the difference comes from this kind of leadership. They are able, no matter what happens, to hit the reset button, bring everyone together, look behind what happened, learn from mistakes and look to the next race with a smile and with more motivation than the one before.”

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